About Me

I love to cook! It's that simple!

I try to focus on whole foods whenever possible. It's especially thrilling when I can use food from our garden, which is a project I hope to expand year after year. Each recipe in this blog is labeled so that if I have veggies from the CSA or from the garden, I can do a quick search for ideas on preparing them. Recipes that contain frozen or canned vegetables can be modified using fresh. I use blogpost labels for certain herbs, beans, spices, and meats, too. I also have sections for non-edible blog posts, like when I want to share tips or gadgets that make my kitchen life easier, or when I find awesome craft 'recipes' with the kids.

As the years go by, my cooking habits seem to change subtly. Though you will find plenty of recipes here that contain meat, I've been leaning toward going meatless for years, and am on the lookout for tasty meatless meals all the time. I love to experiment with vegan recipes because so many of them (especially at my favorite vegan site of all time, PostPunkKitchen) use whole and simple ingredients. I'm also intensely interested in finding local sources for my food, which goes right along with trying to grow as much as I can myself in my limited space. As you can tell, I love all kinds of recipes and ways of eating...I am a recipe addict!

How will I reconcile all my different ideals about cooking and eating? I'm not sure...but for now, as I raise my family, I'm doing the best I can to look into many recipes that will keep us healthy. Thus, you'll find a huge variety of recipes here! Even having said all that--there are still nights when I can't muster enough energy to do anything but get fast food or rely on prepackaged junk. Even on those nights, I make it a point to clear off the table and eat together, a family-building activity that I can't imagine going without.

Browse my categories and see if there is anything that catches your eye! Happy cooking!

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